The Deranged Young Professional

Hello, I am Bob Casella, author of Entry-Level, and legitimate business man.

Current location: Orange County, CA

Next location: Florida – the weird part

Drinks: Yes

Smokes: No


Greatest fear: running out of ammo

Listening to Yacht Rock

Sports: Cubs/Bears/Bulls/Blackhawks

Stance on dogs: why does everybody take their dog to the grocery store now? 

Stance on cats: why can't dogs be more well-behaved like cats?

Stance on frozen pizza: why bother

Stance on light beer: you'll appreciate it once you hit 30

Writing routine: I approach each project with an outline. I like to write in either the early morning or late afternoon. I warm up with editing the previous day’s yield then produce 500 to 1000 new words based on the outline. 

If I missed something that you need to know, contact me, but if you're a dick, I'll be a bigger dick back.

Bob Casella

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